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About the Project

We had the pleasure of partnering with Just Show Up, a dynamic fitness and exercise company, to undertake a comprehensive rebranding and digital transformation project.

We were hired to revitalize their brand identity to better reflect their vibrant and motivating ethos.

The Problem

Just Show Up faced several challenges that hindered their growth and effectiveness in the competitive fitness industry. Their outdated brand identity did not reflect the dynamic and motivating nature of their services, making it difficult to attract and retain clients. Additionally, their website’s design was visually unappealing and failed to engage visitors, reducing user engagement and conversion rates. Furthermore, their overall visual online presence was weak, with low-quality images and graphics that did not effectively showcase their offerings or differentiate them from competitors. Addressing these issues was crucial to revitalizing their brand and enhancing their digital footprint.


Outdated Brand Identity

Just Show Up’s existing brand identity was outdated and failed to convey the vibrant, energetic nature of the company. This disconnect made it challenging to attract and retain clients who resonate with the modern fitness lifestyle.


Inconsistent Visuals

The company lacked a cohesive visual branding strategy, resulting in inconsistent and unappealing marketing materials. This inconsistency made it difficult to establish a strong, recognizable brand that clients could connect with and trust.


Weak Visual Online Presence

Just Show Up’s online presence was visually weak, with low-quality images and uninspiring graphics on their social media platforms and promotional materials. Without compelling visuals and a cohesive aesthetic, the company struggled to make a strong impression on potential clients and stand out in the competitive fitness market.


We revitalized Just Show Up by creating a dynamic and cohesive brand identity that truly reflects their energetic and motivating ethos. This included designing a modern logo, establishing a consistent color palette, and developing visually appealing marketing materials.

Additionally, we enhanced their visual online presence by curating high-quality images and engaging graphics for their social media platforms and promotional content. These efforts have strengthened their brand recognition, attracted new clients, and positioned Just Show Up as a standout in the competitive fitness market.

Project Highlights

Brand Identity Revamp

Brand Identity Revamp

We created a fresh and modern logo along with a cohesive color palette and typography that accurately reflects the vibrant and energetic nature of Just Show Up.

Visual Consistency Enhancement

Visual Consistency Enhancement

By developing a consistent visual branding strategy, we ensured all marketing materials and promotional content aligned with the new brand identity, enhancing recognition and trust.

Social Media Visual Upgrade

Social Media Visual Upgrade

We curated high-quality images and designed engaging graphics for Just Show Up’s social media platforms, significantly improving their visual appeal and online presence.

Marketing Materials Redesign

Marketing Materials Redesign

We redesigned all of Just Show Up’s marketing materials, including flyers, brochures, and advertisements, to ensure they are visually engaging and consistent with the new brand identity.


The new logo, cohesive color palette, and high-quality visuals have brought a fresh energy to our company. The improvements to our social media presence have also been remarkable

Oliver Bennett
Oliver Bennett

Co-founder @ Just Show Up

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